Double Lilium

double flower power out of one lily ! check it out...

Double flowering liliums are giving twice as much flower power of every bloom. They have very beautiful flowers with 16-18 lightly ruffled petals. The flowers measure 15 to 17 cm across. The oriental lily has dark red freckles and a terrific waxy texture that keeps the flower fresh longer than a regular lilium flower.

You can expect them to last over a week after cutting and they are entirely without pollen, so no messy tables or sneezing gardeners!

The oriental varieties are not, or just a little sensitive for leaf scorch, the nuisance of so many other orientals. So everything about the Double Lilium is simply bigger and better! Ask for the specific information and treatments for your region to be sure of a well controlled growth.

You may give the Double Lilium full sun and rich, well-drained soil. Over time it will increase in size and number of blooms, but even the very first year it will become your favourite !


Benefits of Double Liliums


Double Liliums have some extra benefits against the regular assortment of Lilies

1. They are double flowered, for a wonderful flower

2. They have no pollen !!! So your clothes and room stay clean

3. They do not have such a strong smell like other lilies

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